Riung is a fishermen village in the northern flat terrain of Flores that starts to get attention, and functions as the gate to 17-island marine park or Taman Laut Pulau 17. Riung is not a town nor a city, but an attractive village with limited infrastructure especially hotels, restaurants, and electricity supply.

Places to Stay      

If you adore to stay at comfortable hotels when visiting Riung, so Riung is not the appropriate place for you. However if you are an adventurer who do not look for comfort as long as your basic needs are serviced such as meal and simple accommodation, Riung is ready to welcome you. The hotels in Riung are situated in the village near the public electric power.  Below are the two recommended places to stay:

Pondok SVD

Pondok SVD or known as Seminary is an accommodation managed by the Catholic nuns. Pondok SVD provides enough space with clean room and toilet, and nice food. During the tourist season, reservation made in advance is necessary. Pondok SVD offers room with air-condition and the room with fan. The room rate is between Idr. 300,000 to Idr. 400,000 for double bed per night inclusive of breakfast.

Hotel Wisata

Hotel Wisata is another option to stay. The hotel offers the rooms with air-condition as well as with fan at the rate of Idr. 200,000 to Idr. 400,000 for double bed per night inclusive of breakfast.   

Places to Eat   

The number of the restaurant in Riung is very limited, only two small restaurants: Ihsan Café in front of the main road to the jetty, and  Rumah Makan Murah Meriah near the market. In the tourist season those restaurants  do not have enough seat, and you have to wait longer. Imagine that you arrive in Riung at 20:00 o’clock from Ende/Moni or Bajawa after a long drive, you feel hungry. You go to the restaurant, but there the restaurant is already full.  What you can do then?

A Consideration   

To avoid hassle upon your arrival in Riung, consider to buy the meal supply in Ende or in Bajawa. Prepare your meal in box, and upon your arrival in Riung you may have your dinner, not necessarily to go to the restaurant.


Electricity supply in Riung is powered by diesel generator that supplies the energy from 18:00 to 06:00 every day. Therefore recharge your cell phone, camera battery, etc. in that time.


Various activities you can do during your stay in Riung such as:

  • Visiting the flying foxes island.
  • Boat trip to the 17-island for snorkeling and beach holiday.
  • Visiting the village and the hand-weaving.
  • Night fishing with the natives on a local boat.
  • Boat trip from Riung to Komodo National Park    

Travel Arrangement    

Most of the visitors to Riung is organized by travel company or tour operator. For information, please do not be hesitated to contact us, and we are proud to serve you to the best.