Mount Inerie (2,229 m) is one of the most beautiful volcanoes Indonesia, and among the most popular in Flores. Mount Inerie offers to its trekkers a challenging trail with superb views all the way to the top. The trail to the crater rim and then to the summit takes about 4 hours from Watumeze village. The trekkers here will experience a rather difficult ascent to the summit because there is absolutely no shade; and after 30-minute easy walk through the grasslands, the trail starts to ascend and then will get more and more difficult where you will find that every step is a challenge and potentially hazardous.

Mount Inelika Wawomudha Bajawa

Mount Mamomudha (1,549 m) is a volcano in the Inelika mountain area that lastly erupted in 2001. The trail starts from  Ngora Nale village, about 15-minute drive from Bajawa town, and it takes about 2 hours to reach into the crater lake where you can view of the impressive landscape, the dramatic crater with orange lakes, and charred trees – the new vegetation has returned hesitantly. Along the trail to the crater we can see the stunning views of Mount Ebulobo and Mount Inerie in the distance, and of the old dormant crater that the community uses for farming.  

Mount Ebulobo Bajawa

Mount Ebulobo (2,137 m) in the region of Boawae. Mount Ebulobo is neither the longest nor the most difficult mount to climb in Indonesia; but without doubt it is one of the most beautiful, memorable, and picturesque volcanoes of Indonesia. The trail starts in Molakoli village (924 m), and will take you 4 hours to the summit.

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