Ruteng, a small town surrounded by the superb rice fields lies at the green slope of the scenic mountains in the middle part of Flores Island with Poco Ranaka as its volcanic peak. Ruteng is the capital town of the Manggaraian people, though currently Manggaraian region has been divided into East Manggarai, Manggarai, and West Manggarai, culturally and ethnically they are all the Manggaraian. When you walk down town in the afternoon or in the morning, the town is usually still covered by the fog that descends from the nearby mountains.  Ruteng and its surroundings can easily be viewed from Golo Curu, a hill just 2 km from the town. From here we can see the vast magnificent terraced rice fields and the town.  

Places to Stay   

Ruteng is not the main tourism activity center of Flores Island, however as Ruteng functions as a transit-town on the way from  Bajawa to Labuhan Bajo, Ruteng also offers a few places to stay. The prominent hotels to consider are:

Dahlia Hotel

Dahlia is a small hotel situated right in the town, a right place for the solo traveler.From the hotel you can easily walk to the nearby restaurants or Rumah Makan, Hotel Dahlia offers to its visitors basic hotel facilities, not the comfort. However, the hotel quality is good enough to stay at for one or two nights.

Bunda Maria Bersedih

A hotel managed by the Catholic nuns, and is the best place to stay at in the town. However, since the rooms are limited, reservation especially in tourist season is necessary in advance.

Places to Eat

As a small town, Ruteng does not offer many restaurants to its visitors. Consider Rumah Makan or Warung Padang that are profoundly available in the town. And the only restaurant which is visited by many tourists in the town is Agape Restaurant.    


Ruteng and its surrounding offer various activities to its visitors.

  • Guided soft trek in the superb terraced rice fields.
  • Guided soft trek in the volcano to visit the hot water spring.
  • Guided soft trek to Poco Ranaka peak.
  • Visit Liang Bua, the cave of the pre-historic people of Flores.
  • Visit the web-spider-like rice fields in Cancar district.
  • Overnight-stay at traditional villages.
  • Cultural visit to traditional villages.
  • Traditional cultural dance and folk games performance  (pre-arrangement is necessary).
  • Overnight-stay at Waerebo Village, UNESCO Protected Heritage Site in Flores.     

Mount Ranaka Volcano  

Mount Ranaka or Poco Ranaka is the highest volcano in Flores Island. The volcano provides the water recourses for Ruteng people, and the rice fields. 

Travel Arrangement  

Travel arrangement to Ruteng is necessary to do in advance. For further information, please do not be hesitated to contact us.