Labuhan Bajo is the main tourism area in West Flores, the access to Komodo National Park and to The Deserted Islands off West Flores.  Labuhan Bajo consists of Labuhan Bajo Lama (Old Labuhan Bajo)  where restaurant, guest house, home stay, small hotel of charm, the harbor, and the fishermen village are centralized, and Labuhan Bajo Baru (New Labuhan Bajo) where the airport, the government building, and the new urban settlement are centralized. Labuhan Bajo Lama and Labuhan Bajo Baru is connected with main road overlooking the scenic views of the bay of Labuhan Bajo.

Places to Stay   

Small hotels such as Hotel Wisata and Hotel Komodo, and bungalows such as Gardena and Matahari are centralized along the main road of Labuhan Bajo Lama.  Along the hill road,  there are Puncak Waringin Hotel, and Golo Hill Hotel, a small hotel of charm with swimming pool overlooking the scenic views of Labuhan Bajo.

If you wish to stay at comfortable hotels, you may continue your travel to Pede Beach, just 10 minutes from Labuhan Bajo Lama where you may consider to stay at Jayakarta Suites*****, Bintang Flores****, Luwansa****, La Prima****, Puri Sari***, or Komodo Ecolodge.  However, the other part of Labuhan Bajo – Waicicu Area also offers to the visitors an unforgettable vacation experience. Here you may consider to stay at Waicicu Beach Inn,  Sylvia Beach Hotel***, or at Puri Bagus at Batu Gosok Beach.

Places to Eat   

As the center of Flores tourism activity, Labuhan Bajo offers many restaurants and bars to its visitors  which are centralized along the main road of Labuhan Bajo Lama. If you stay in Labuhan Bajo Lama, you can walk to the restaurants easily, but if you do not stay in Labuhan Bajo Lama,  you always need transport to go and return whereas Labuhan Bajo does not have taxi service. So you have to rely on your travel driver and guide, or your hotel transport.  Walking to the restaurant is not a wised decision.  Labuhan Bajo’s specialty is Hot Plate Tuna Steak, try it at Gardena Restaurant, a restaurant overlooking the scenic bay. 


Various activities in Labuhan Bajo and beyond are offered. Below are the activities you may consider to do:

  • Day-trip to Rinca Island to see the Komodo dragons.
  • Snorkeling day-trip and snorkeling roundtrip.
  • Diving safari.
  • Sunset cruise to see the flying foxes.
  • Soft trek to Savana Peak to see Sano Nggoang Lake.
  • Camping and bird watching in Mount Mbeliling.
  • Beach holiday or island beach vacation.
  • Day-excursion to istana ular – the snake palace.
  • Day-excursion to the waterfall.
  • Overnight-stay at the local family at Todo Village.
  • Fishing with the native fishermen.
  • Starting your Flores overland trip with driver and guide.
  • Starting your mini-adventure cruises to the Gili Islands Lombok.    

Bank and Money Changer   

You can find BNI 46 and BRI banks as well as money changer at the main road of Labuhan Bajo Lama.

Travel Arrangement   

Though Labuhan Bajo is different from the other parts of Flores such as Bajawa and Riung, the travel arrangement is still necessary to do in advance especially for land transport, the guide, the hotel  (but not for the small hotel), and the boat for Komodo National Park. In the tourist season those components are rather difficult to organize on site. The detailed information is sometimes difficult to find.   

For further information, please do not be hesitated to contact us.