Bajawa is a small town about 1,100 m at the altitude, the capital town of the Ngada people. Bajawa is blessed with cool temperature  and fertile land, and it is easy to see the beautiful flowers and highland plants growing in the town. Bajawa is a stop over town in Flores overland roundtrip on the way to Riung,  Ruteng, or Moni. When we walk down town, we can see the Catholic churches. When we wake up in the morning, around at 04:00 o’clock we hear the call from the mosque minaret and at 05:00 o’clock we hear the chime from the church, a high practice of tolerance between Islam and Christian.   When the weather is clear, we can see Mount Inerie and Mount Ebulobo from the town.

Places to Stay   

Bajawa does not offer luxury to its visitors, however the accommodations provide good places to take a rest during your Flores Overland Adventure.  The places to consider are:

Silverin Hotel:  A small hotel with clean room and toilet overlooking the clove plantation and Mount Inerie. Silverin is not situated directly in the city. If you travel alone, Silverin Hotel might not be an appropriate hotel for you.

Edelweis Hotel: Edelweis is the biggest hotel in the town, and offers an easy access to the nearby restaurants. Edelweis is a good choice for solo traveler.

Korina Hotel: The neighbor of Edelweis Hotel in the town. 

Happy Hote: A small hotel managed by A Dutch woman in the town. 

Wisata Hotel and Johny Hotel:  The other hotels in the town of Bajawa.

Places to Eat   

When staying at Silverin Hotel, you can have meal at the hotel resaurant. But when you stay in the town you can choose restaurant or Rumah Makan or Warung Padang. Restaurants around Edelweis, Korina, Happy, Johny, and Wisata Hotels are Lucas Restaurant, Dito Restaurant, and Cammelia Restaurant.  


The region of Bajawa offers cultural and natural activities to its visitors from a visit to its traditional market, overnight-stay at local villages, and natural soft trek to hot water springs  to mountain soft trekking and volcanoes hard trekking.  The activities to consider:

  • Overnight-stay at traditional villages.
  • Learning the Ngada ethnology – matrilineal system.
  • Walk from village to village.
  • Visit traditional villages such as Bena, Bela, and Wogo Baru.
  • Guided soft trek to the hot water springs.
  • Guided soft trek to Mount Inelika Wawomudha.
  • Guided hard trek to Mount Inerie for the professional trekkers.
  • Guided hard trek to Mount Ebulobo for the professional trekkers.     


Flight from Denpasar to Bajawa is scheduled three times per week.

Travel Arrangement   

To visit the natural and cultural attractions of Bajawa, an arrangement in advance is necessary especially if you plan to do the hard trekking because it is difficult to organize directly in Bajawa. Arranging you roundtrip in advance means that you save your time and energy.

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