Maumere is the principal coastal town in Flores Island, and is the main aerial access in The  east of the Island. Maumere is also one of the two aerial accesses to the Three-Color-Lake of Mount Kelimutu. As the main town in eastern Flores, Maumere is also the main town for Catholic seminary activities and education.

Maumere in 1992 was shocked by the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the corals and the diving sites in the bay of Maumere. Currently the corals are slowly growing. The earthquake and the tsunami swept away about 2,500 lives.

We make Maumere  as one of the aerial gates into Flores when we plan to visit Kelimutu National Park, or when we start our trekking safari from Mount Egon. if our aim is to visit Kelimutu National Park, usually we drive directly to Moni (3 hours by private transport), but  for safari trek that will start in Mount Egon, we will stay in Maumere. Consider to stay at Sylvia Hotel***.  

Visiting Maumere

If you plan to visit Maumere and its surrounding natural and cultural attractions as a single sole holiday destination, arrangement in advance is not necessary. However if you plan to make Maumere as your gate to discover the whole island, arrangement in advance is strongly recommended to avoid the unpredictable travel conditions such as the transport availability, tour guide, and the detailed itinerary and information.    

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