Mount Kelimutu (1,640 m) belongs to the list of the active mountains stretching along the Ring of Fire in Flores Island, together with Mount Egon of Maumere, Mount Iya of Ende, Mount  Ebulobo of Bajawa, Mount Inerie of Bajawa, Mount Inelika of Bajawa, Mount Ranaka of Ruteng, Mount Mbellilig of Labuhan Bajo, and other Flores’ mountains.

The changes of the water color in each lake indicate continuous volcanic activities, that started since million years ago. This phenomena does not exists in the other part of the world. The lakes look like colorful paints. The water’s color changes without any prior natural clues. The mineral contained in the water causes the water change into unpredictable color. 

Besides these majestic three colors lakes, the number of species of flora and fauna which are dominantly exist at Kelimutu National Park will welcome you, and will accompany you traversing the park, such as the Rhododendum renshianum. This flower flourishes during the tourist season from May to August every year, making a superb view dominated by the red color  around the park.

Kelimutu, as a part of the local animist culture, is believed that spirits come to this sacred Kelimutu when people die. The spirit would leave its village and remain in Kelimutu forever. Before entering one of the lakes, the spirit would first meet Konde Ratu, the guard of the gate at Perekonde. Which lake the spirit would enter, depends on its age and character when alive. It is no wonder this mystical place has become a legend since the old days.

Kelimutu is also a place for research on geology, flora, fauna, etc., education, Natural and cultural eco-tourism, and community empowering. The slopes of the Park inhabited by numerous tribes making lives from cattle, coffee plantation, and other productive agriculture activities.

Trekking in Mount Kelimutu National Park

Trekking in Mount Kelimutu is not really a real trek with proper physical preparation, as it’s a short and easy trail with no potential hazard, accessible within a 25-minute to 3-hour soft walk.    

Travel Arrangement 

Arrangement is necessary to do in advance because traveling in Moni is not like traveling in Bali or Lombok where we can have guide, transport, and get the necessary information easily. When traveling alone in Kelimutu, it is almost impossible to get the detailed information and the arrangement  easily on what you wish to do. However if you can speak English, the arrangement is rather easy to do directly, but normally it needs time. This direct arrangement is not recommended for travelers whose limited time and poor English comprehension, as well as for those who wish to travel conveniently

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