The scenic bay of Riung in North Flores with its deserted islands offers great underwater views with rich marine biodiversity. Actually the number of the island in this bay is more than 17, however the marine garden is renown as Taman Wisata Laut Pulau 17.  The area offers great views with superb landscapes, turquoise clear water, white sand beaches, tropical fishes, and corals. 

Boat for the marine park departs from the jetty, just 5 minutes to drive from the hotel.  The boat consists of different sizes that may take 10 passengers on board at the maximum. The boat is equipped with life jacket for the safety.  When travelling to the park, the boat captain will also function as guide who knows best the places for swimming and snorkeling.


A series of exciting activity awaits you when visiting the 17-Island:

  • Boat trip to visit one island to other islands.
  • Giant flying foxes observation. 
  • Beach vacation and relaxation.
  • Swimming, and relaxing on white sand beaches overlooking Flores Island
  • Islands soft trekking
  • Night fishing with the local fishermen.
  • Snorkeling  around Pulau Tiga
  • Mangrove observation.
  • Picnic lunch with grilled fish.

Snorkeling off Pulau Tiga will give you the best experience because it offers colorful tropical fishes, white sand beach, turquoise blue water, blue corals, and tranquility. From the island you can see the scenic view of Flores landscape. 

Travel Arrangement  

Most of the visitors to 17-Island Marine Park is organized by travel company or tour operator. For information, please do not be hesitated to contact us, and we are proud to serve you to the best.

Kindly contact us for further information.