Flores is a picturesque island surrounded by rich-nutrients seas in the east of Bali. Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world with 17,508 islands with huge sea of 2.8 millions km² compared to its land of 1.9 million km², including the sea surrounding Flores where the traditional anglers try their lucks and always back home with a happy smile if the day was lucky enough for them. The happiness will become more promising if you try to go fishing with them, try to catch the fishes either for them or for your own. 

This tour starts in the afternoon, a tour that take you into the amazing unforgettable experience, the way the Bajo’s people in Flores do for their lives. You will experience the wave and the current of the blue sea with the turquoise water in the scenic bay of Labuhan Bajo western coast,  the habitat of the 2,050 sorts of tropical fishes including the 4.7 percent of the fishes is living endemically in Flores, Komodo, Sumbawa, and Lombok.  

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