As a sinuous, mountainous, and scenic island, Flores makes a great new tourist destination in Indonesia beyond Bali, the start of your nature and culture expedition in East Indonesia. Mountains rich in minerals such as gold and copper, three-color lakes Kelimutu, active volcanoes, lake, waterfalls, traditional villages with their typical weaving traditions, houses, rivers, ancient people settlement caves, the sea with its pristine white sandy beach, the Seventeen-Islands Marine Park with their endemic shores fishes and giant flying foxes, the natural hospitality and curiosity, plains, and the snake palace, – you name it, you can find it within a least visited tropical island of 14,250 km².

You can stay overnight, get in touch with culture in depth in the hinterland villages, and surrender to the tranquility of the small hotel of charm by pristine white sandy beaches in the  afternoon, and adventure to into the natural curiosity in the morning.

Flores can justly claim to be the new emerging natural tourist destination beyond Bali, a transit island to discovering the World Heritage Site of Komodo National Park from the East. Flores is a part of the provincial territory of East Nusa Tenggara. The natural and the cultural beauties, and the well aerial connection to the major Indonesia’s airports make Flores a very appealing new destination for travelers and adventurers who seek more the natural curiosity and genuine culture in depth.

  • The main city: Ruteng (about 10,000 inhabitants)
  • Population: About 1,5 million
  • Land area: 14,250 km²
  • Official language: Bahasa Indonesia
  • Main religion: Roman Catholic (85%)
  • Other religions: Islam, Hinduism, Buddha, Christian.
  • Climate: Tropic with the rainfall between 770 mm – 3,350 mm
  • Elevation: 0 – 2,400 m
  • National Park: Mount Kelimutu National Park, and the nearby Komodo National Park  
  • Ethnic: Manggarai, Riung, Ngada, Nage-Keo, Ende, Lio, Sikka, Larantuka, Chinese, and others.
  • Cell phone coverage: Telkomsel and Indosat
  • Holiday season: Whole year
  • Airport: Larantuka in East Flores, Maumere in East Flores, Ende in Central Flores, Bajawa in Central Flores, and Labuhan Bajo in West Flores

Traveling with Children in Flores

Traveling with children and family in Flores.  Flores, an island to the east Bali offers to its visitors circuit, vacation, the deserted islands, the marine garden, the interesting culture, the superb landscape, and the volcanoes with their scenic views. All these natural and cultural curiosities are supported by the good quality road that connects one destination with the other destinations.  However the hard trekking program is not for children